Who is a Guest?

Guests are drivers who are looking for parking. Guests can search and book parking spaces shared by Hosts.

How do I find a parking spot?

With otopark, Guests can quickly find parking on demand via our mobile app. Guests can find available parking listed by Hosts in real time. Guests choose the required duration offered by the Hosts. Payments are immediately made to ensure the parking space is reserved. You will receive confirmation of the reservation and now can proceed to parking your vehicle in the Host’s parking space.

Can I book ahead?

Yes! In addition to finding on demand parking, otopass also makes it easy to book in advance for a hassle-free experience. Simply browse for the parking listings in the location of interest. Guests can choose the start date and time, along with the duration that the listing will be reserved for. Payments are made in advance to secure the booking. If you need to cancel your booking, simply for the cancellation policies.

How do I pay my Host?

otopark uses a secure payment processor for instant payments. We use a trusted third party payment processor platform to initiate and settle transactions. Guests pay in advance. The payment will be fully released to the host once the chosen duration for the parking spot has been completed.

How much is the parking rate?

The parking rate will vary by factors such as location, length of duration, parking type, and seasonal demands. Locations with higher concentrations of cars will experience higher rates than less populated areas due to supply and demand. However, otopark will encourage the fair and affordable prices for Hosts to set, in order to bring smarter parking solutions to as many people as possible.

How to enter a gated parking space?

When you book a listing that has gated and/or secured access to parking, the Host will share with you the necessary authorization to access the parking. With our app, Hosts can easily share the authorization with otopass to the Guests. The Guest simply shows or activates the otopass to securely enter the closed parking space.

What if I have problems or got into a dispute with my Host?

If you encounter disputes with the Host or the parking listing is not as described by the Host, otopass will resolve the situation to set matters straight. The Host will not receive your payments, if applicable, until the situation has been resolved.

Can I Reschedule my booking?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking. Rescheduling of a booking is subjected to availability of the requested parking space and Time. You can reschedule the time and date of departure or arrival. Guest can also apply for rescheduling in case they have registered his/her booking with car A but is arriving with car B. Rescheduling is subjected to a fee payable by the customer (please refer to T&C page).

Who is a Host?

A Host is someone who has parking space to share. Hosts can list their parking space and accept Guests to share out the parking space.

How do I list my parking space?

With the otopark app, you can easily list your available parking space by first taking pictures and describing the parking type, address, and other relevant information that Guests may wish to know. When you create your listing, you decide the duration (hours, daya, etc) available to Guests. After your listing is published, You will get notifications when an interested Guest has booked your listing. You can also manage and edit the listing details right from the app.

What kind of parking spaces can I list?

You can list all parking types, such as gated, indoor, street parking, or garages. If you have gated parking, your private code or permission to enter the gate will only be shown to Guests after they have booked the listing. The best tip is to make sure you accurately describe the parking type and provide clear photographs. What are the requirements to be a Host? With otopark, you are expected to provide proof that you are either the legal owner or operator of the listes parking space. It is your ultimate responsibility to abide by all local laws and parking enforcements when applicable. As a Host, you must provide Guests who booked your listing with parking space that you have described on the listing. The parking space should be accessible and free from any obstructions.

How much money can I earn?

The amount that you can potentially earn from sharing your parking space will vary depending on factors such as your location, availability, and duration. Hosts in areas with high demand for parking will have higher potential income. If you are in an area with more parking spaces and lower demand, your earning potential may be lower. No matter where you are, otopark makes it easy to list your space and earn money.

How much should I charge for my listing?

otopark will suggest prices for your listing based on factors such as your location, parking type, historical demand for parking in your area, and more. Hosts can choose to set their own hourly or daily rates.

How do I get paid?

otopark uses a secure payment processor for instant payments. We use a trusted third party payment processor platform to initiate and settle transactions. When a Guest confirms a listing and the booking duration is completed, the payment will be released to the Host.

Can I cancel my listing?

Listings may be canceled, or deactivated, at any time if no bookings have been reserved. If a booking has already been confirmed, the Host must abide by the cancellation policies.